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Life Lessons – 46 Things I Have Learned About Life

life lessons

After reading an article some months ago written by a gentleman about to turn 30 wanting to document all of the things he had achieved in his 30 years of living. This lead me to think what about jotting down all the things I have learnt in life over my 46 years of existence – my life lessons so to speak. I thought this would be an enormous task and couldn’t imagine that I would be able to come up with even 20 ideas but the more I wrote the more I wanted to keep writing and soon enough I completed my list. I loved this reflective exercise and found it an inspiring opportunity to recognise what I value in life. I would strongly encourage you to put pen to paper & jot down your own life lessons and every year review it – add new ones as they materialise & remove old ones that no longer serve you. And after awhile you will have compiled your very own list of meaningful life lessons that maybe you could share with your children, grand children or even great grand children!! Now my biggest dilemma is what will be my 47th life lesson be!!

  • You need to love yourself before you can love others
  • Food brings people together
  • Life is short don’t procrastinate do it now
  • Making a difference to someone else’s life actually makes more of a difference to your life
  • When the sun shines so do I
  • I’d rather drink no coffee than bad coffee
  • Travelling is addictive the more you do the more you want
  • Flowers are what makes a home
  • Never stay in your PJ’s after 9am
  • Candles make my home calm and relaxing
  • Giving is better than getting
  • Affirmations are really powerful
  • If you just one thing from a training course it’s been a good investment of your time
  • A messy desk is a messy mind
  • Less is more
  • Writing a to do list every week keeps you on track ,organised and capable of achieving more than you think
  • Nothing beats a god laugh with your girlfriends
  • Don’t work for the money it never makes you happy
  • Exercise makes me happy
  • Listen to your body it really does talk to you
  • Balance is the key to all success
  • The morning starts with a cup of tea
  • Getting frocked up makes you feel special
  • Getting back to nature is great for your soul
  • Sometimes you need to spring clean your friends and relationships so you can move on
  • Challenges keep you on your A game
  • Find the positive in every situation
  • Nothing beats a cuddle in bed from your daughter
  • Put on your face before you leave the house (at least mascara)
  • Eating clean and healthy non processed food makes you feel alive
  • Meditation does make a difference and helps you cope day to day
  • Don’t dwell on the past you cant change it
  • You can count your true friends on one hand
  • Live in the moment its all you have
  • It takes just as much energy to be nice as it does to be nasty
  • Doing yoga daily keeps your body and mind in check
  • Music and sound has a power effect on your mind and body
  • Being in nature takes you to a place of peace and contentment
  • We all have choices
  • Do your research don’t accept the first option put in front of you
  • This is the only body you are going to get treat it with respect and honour it and it will serve you well
  • We all have the same number of hours in a day its how we choose to use them that is the difference
  • Life is to short to drink bad wine
  • There is nothing more invigorating than the smell of the clean air first thing in the morning (especially beachside)
  • Family always comes first
  • At least once a week soak in a warm bath with a bath bomb ( and a glass of wine – door shut and candles on !)

Live life to the fullest and never leave any stone unturned enjoy the journey of life for it has a purpose to make us the person we are        xxxxxxxx

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