Bali Retreat

I honestly believe every women needs to take “TIME OUT” and show themselves some “SELF LOVE” & SELF CARE, and RETREATS are the perfect solution!! That is why I have thought long & hard about what a RETREAT should be, and I believe we have an option for virtual every woman.

Pure Yoga Retreats

There are so many different types of Retreats you can experience these days, and the choice is entirely yours. Here at Pure Yoga, we offer the following Retreats for you to enjoy …

  • Virtual Retreat
  • Half-day (or Mini) Retreat
  • Full Day Retreat
  • Weekend Escape
  • Week Long Getaway
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Women’s Wellness Retreat
  • Meditation Retreat
  • Detox – Digital / Seasonal
  • Nature / Adventure Retreat
Yoga Retreat Beach Class

Why Go On A Retreat?

There are many reasons why people go on a Retreat – try something new, make a change or simply get away … Here are my top 6 reasons why I believe you should attend a Retreat:-

  • Retreats provide you with peace of mind, far away from the hustle & bustle of your busy, daily schedule.
  • You’re surrounded by like minded people.
  • You don’t have to worry about any planning … You can just simply enjoy the experience.
  • You can do as much or as little as you want.
  • It will make you feel grateful, better balanced & generally healthier.
  • You will come away feeling relaxed, refreshed & renewed.

Our Upcoming Retreats

Jacks Corner Retreat | 4-6 February 2022 | Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Upcoming Retreats - Jacks Corner

Jacks Corner Retreat is a unique and peaceful homestead, nestled in amongst 40 acres of unspoilt rainforest and native bushland in the magnificent Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

Because of the current Covid Restrictions, this retreat has been rescheduled to 2022!!

We only have 4 spots available, so if you are interested in attending, I strongly suggest locking in the dates + contacting me to register your interest.

Our Past Retreats

Retreat To Ananda | 19-21 March 2021 | Berry, NSW

Past Retreats - Retreat To Ananda

I called this beautiful 3 day experience “A Retreat To Ananda”. Ananda … a sanskrit word for JOY, BLISS, OUR TRUE NATURE!!

I believe that we can all live a life of joy where we can learn to get good at living so that we can be truly blissful and at peace with ourselves. When we give ourselves time to step away from the demands of life, we get to see it from a whole new perspective …

We become GRATEFUL

We recognise the SIMPLE THINGS in life are often the best

The small things are often the “BIG THINGS” &

Then we return we are BRIGHTER, BOLDER & “living life” …

Want To Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about our upcoming Retreats, please give me a call (0410 472 983) or shoot me an email ( to find out more details … I’d love to see you on one of them!!