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Online Pilates Community

Pure Yoga Online Pilates Community

I firmly believe that people need to practice Pilates more than ever. With more & more people leading a sedentary lifestyle, there are huge increases in numbers experiencing neck, back & hip pain. Our Online Pilates Community is the perfect environment to still experience the community of a Pilates Studio in the comfort of your own home!!

What Do You Get As A Member Of Our Online Pilates Community?

When you join our Online Pilates Community you will be able to:-

  • Watch & participate in three (3) new “Live” Pilates Classes each week
  • Get unlimited access to all previously recorded Pilates Classes (currently over 100) – all perfectly categorised for easy access
  • Watch any previously recorded Pilates Class whenever you have time or feel the need
  • Access the Community’s valuable resources (eg tips, checklists, workouts, etc)
  • Experience a Community where you can discuss issues, ask questions & bond with like-minded people
  • Get first access to all upcoming workshops, retreats, and “pop-up” classes
  • Have ME helping you navigate through new (& old) challenges.

What Style Of Pilates Is It?

Our Weekly Program is suitable for everyone irrespective if you are a Pilates Beginner or seasoned practitioner. We break the classes into three (3) specific styles …

  1. Pilates Blast – A 30 minute blast class targetting specific moves or body parts &/or incorporating one small apparatus (eg Pilates Circle, Pilates Ball, etc) to hit the spot faster & more aggressively.
  2. Pilates Mixed Bag – A 45 minute workout that incorporates everything available for a mat Pilates class.
  3. Traditional Mat Pilates – A 1 hour mat Pilates class that usually incorporates a series of moves or utilises a couple of the small apparatus props.

Each class is carefully designed & constructed to ensure our members are receiving a wide variety of interesting & fun classes.

How Are The Online Pilates Community & Classes Accessed?

Currently, we are using Facebook as the platform for our Online Pilates Community … Members become part of our closed Pilates Group in order to see all of the videos, information & posts. There is a current timetable of when the live videos will take place + a friendly reminder will be posted approx. 30 minutes prior to their start. 

All previously recorded videos are tagged (eg Pilates Blast, Pilates For Back Pain, etc) so it is so easy to find the video you are looking for without having to scroll through post after post after post. Also, as a member, you are able to save your favourites – which allows you to practice that class over & over again with ease whenever you want!!

Once you have paid your fees, you will be given access to the Community and receive instructions on exactly what you need to do and take part in the Pure Yoga Pilates Virtual Studio!! Access remains granted for the entire period you are paying your fees.

What Does It Cost?

The cost is $37.00 per fortnight (which works out to be less than a cup of coffee @ $2.50 per day) and is auto-debited from your credit or debit card via the Momence Platform and Stripe Payments.

To join, please click on the link below, enter all the necessary details and you will be part of the Pure Yoga Online Pilates Community.

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s what some of our happy members have said about our Online Pilates Community …

“I started Pilates to get my core strength back after my first baby – he is now over 18 and I still love it! I use the skills I have learned for everyday tasks – when lifting, running, gardening etc. It never gets easy, it’s always a challenge and I love the variety when we use equipment or even apparatus. And in a strange way, I love the feeling when my muscles are burning but I know I have to finish the hundreds set! It’s awesome!”. – Julie, Kyle Bay –
“I started many years ago following slipped lumbar discs to strengthen my core and keep this area nice & stable. I was able to be mostly pain free during this time. After not doing Pilates for a couple of years and sustaining another injury involving my sacro lilac joint, I recommenced Pilates to maintain and build the strength I had when last practicing pilates. Given how well pilates served me in the past I have a strong belief in the benefits of continued practice” – Sharon, Oatley –

Still Want More?

If you still have any questions, or concerns, or just would like to see what you are paying for, please do not hesitate to call (0410 472 983) or email me ( Otherwise, if you fill in the form below, I will send you some of the class samples you will experience in our Online Pilates Community.

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