Our Meditation

At Pure Yoga we believe that as individuals we all have the ability within to use our inner strength to help nurture and heal ourselves. So by learning to skill of meditation we can help greatly contribute to a healthy balanced mind and body.

Our Pure Meditation workshops through the year give you the opportunity to learn how to be completely present and mindful by maintaining a moment by moment awareness of your thoughts , feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environments.

Learning our technique of Meditation will allow you to harness that often “out of control” mind that at the end of the day truly rules our thoughts and behaviors. The mind is an almighty powerful tool that can be either your friend or foe. Learning to gain power over the mind will make you more resilient , emotionally intelligent and is crucial to thriving and cultivating peak performance in all aspects of your life.

When you have a balance in your practice of yoga, pilates and meditation we believe your life will be abundant and fulfilling.