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About Our Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness meditation

Meditation teaches us the art of “welcoming” and being mindful. And I honestly believe all individuals can use their inner strength to help nurture and heal themselves. Accordingly, I have developed the Pure Yoga Modern Mindfulness Meditation practice to make it easier for people to successfully adopt a daily Meditation practice.

Mindfulness Meditation is simply a mental training practice that teaches you to welcome each moment and each thought. So that you can slow down, let go of any negativity, and calm both your mind and body.

Techniques can vary during a Mindfulness Meditation practice. Naturally, they all will involve some deep breathing and being aware of your mind & body. But also it might vary in location, body position & state – for example, you might sit, stand, walk or even lie down!!

What Might Happen During A Mindfulness Meditation Practice?

#1 You might start thinking … This inevitably may happen because this is what the brain is meant to do! Meditation is a skill that we need to learn and accept that thoughts will float through the mind as clouds do in the sky. We also know that clouds are not permanent and so too are thoughts. SO just as easily as they entered, allow them to equally flow effortlessly out.

The real art of Meditation is to not get attached to the “agenda” behind the thoughts.

#2 You may get emotional … Rather than holding back or suppressing negative emotions that can arise in meditation give them your full attention and meet them. Accept that they exist (acknowledge) and allow them to also go (don’t get caught up with them).

Over time the mind learns to recognise these emotions and get accustomed to not getting attached and sucked into negative thought patterns. This then is transferrable to everyday life!! 

#3 You may become uncomfortable … Don’t sit in meditation thinking your legs are going to snap or that your back is going to break. It is OK to readjust shuffle around even change position. Being uncomfortable is one of the biggest distractions in meditation, it will have you unnecessarily “thinking” throughout the entire practice.

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