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Wellness Studio Owner – Leesa

Wellness Studio Owner Leesa Thornthwaite

Hi, my name is Leesa Thornthwaite and I am the owner of the Pure Yoga Wellness Studio.

After starting my career as a high school teacher I became disillusioned by the school system. I still loved the art of teaching and became an adult education trainer. I worked my way up the corporate ladder to Training Manager & eventually CEO of a Retail Training Company.

The corporate world took its toll on me and managing stress became a high priority. That’s when I first discovered Yoga!! After taking a break from the retail sector, I entered the Health & Fitness Industry in another senior management role with just as much stress and a need for even more Yoga. And that was the icing on the cake … no more!! It was time to stop the merry-go-round and reassess values & goals. Practicing Yoga was a lifesaver!! … It helped me cope through a dark stage of my life and survive some challenging times. 

My love for exercise & Yoga led me to train as a fitness instructor & discover Pilates. Over the next 10 years, I continued practicing Yoga & Pilates as well as completing a number of teacher training programs until it was time to go it alone. I opened the Pure Yoga Wellness Studio in February 2001 & have never looked back!!

Additional Skills & Expertise

Owning your own business & being an entrepreneur is very rewarding but no easy feat. Since opening the Wellness studio in 2001, there have been numerous challenges requiring a continual development of skills, mindset & solutions. Over this time I have added:-

  • Hot Stone Yoga therapist
  • Roll & Release (Roll Method) Instructor
  • Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Level 1 Irest Meditation Teacher
  • Zenthai Flow Master
  • DoTerra Essential Oil Advocate & Practitioner
  • Qualified Crystal Practitioner

What I Love About Being A Wellness Studio Owner

Now with over 20 years of teaching Yoga, Pilates & other Wellness modalities, there is never a day I don’t feel grateful for the journey I have traveled. I have certainly been blessed by the:-

  • Wonderful teachers that have shown me the way
  • Beautiful places I have traveled
  • Great friendships I have made in the Wellness Community
  • Wonderful students I have guided & taught.
“Life is not about the destination but the journey that takes us there”