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Benefits Of Pilates

Benefits of pilates

Pilates is not a new concept that is practiced by many well known dancers, athletes and sport professionals. To them the benefits of Pilates is to support their body to endure the physical demands they place on themselves.

However, the sad reality is that most people in their life with suffer from back pain. it is fast becoming the main reason for work place absenteeism and is significantly effecting peoples quality of life.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of unique movements developed almost 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates, to rehabilitate injured WW1 soldiers and later, for strength & conditioning of dancers. It focuses on stabilising joints & controlling the bodies movements by using core muscles that help you become stronger & more mobile. The movements practiced are best executed slowly using control & precision that is in unison with the breath.

There are two (2) basic ways of practicing Pilates … On the Mat (or Floor) and using equipment.

“Mat Pilates” is an important part of Joseph Pilates’ original method. The mat is where most people begin their exploration of Pilates only to learn that “Mat Pilates” is one of the hardest pieces in the Pilates puzzle to master. To be successful at “Mat Pilates” you need to find high levels of coordination & control.

Whilst practicing Pilates using equipment (reformer, wunda chair, barrels & arcs) allows the user to experience a wider range of movement as the equipment is acting as a prop thus supporting the body.

Both forms have their benefits, however I believe the best all round way of achieving those real benefits of Pilates is via the mat!!

Ultimate Benefits Of Pilates

Whilst the list of reasons why you should practice Pilates could go on for pages, a quick list of the secondary benefits of Pilates include:-

  • Toned, lean & stronger muscles without the bulk
  • Improved posture as a result of strengthening the abdominals and moving the spine to keep it supple
  • Reduced stress and improved energy levels
  • Improved pelvic floor
  • Supports your spine and relieves Back, Neck and Shoulder pain
  • Stabilises shoulders and hips helping you move with ease using the “right” muscles
  • Strengthens your glutes to stabilise the pelvis

The ultimate benefits of Pilates for me are …

1. Increases Core Strength

Core strength is a key element for performing many of a person’s day to day activities without pain, difficulty & restriction – especially as we age!! Having weak core muscles can leave you susceptible to poor posture, back pain & sustaining regular muscle injuries.

Core exercises, such as Pilates, train the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to all work together. Thus leading to greater overall body stability. Which in turn brings in better balance and more freedom of movement.

Having good core strength is just so important and is the driver of so many other things to both the body & mind!!

2. Balances The Body

Because Pilates includes many unilateral movements (exercises that work both sides of the body separately) it makes a great exercise for creating equilibrium in the body.

As we age our ability to bend, rotate and even lift our body greatly diminishes and Pilates incorporates exercises that can improve all of these ranges of movement.

Strength & balance are two (2) important factors when it comes to reducing the risks of falling as we age. Thus making Pilates a great form of exercise for the “maturing” adult!!

How Can I Help You Benefit From Practicing Pilates?

As we are still significantly affected by Covid lockdown / restrictions, the best way to get the benefits of Pilates is by joining our Online Pilates Community. If that is something that might interest you, please click HERE for further details.

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Otherwise, if you would like to explore how I could help you personally on your “Pilates journey”, please feel free to give me a call (0410 472 983) or shoot me an email ( … I’d love to be of service to you!!