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About Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga Studio

Since 2001 I have owned & operated a Yoga, Pilates & Personal Training studio at Peakhurst Heights called “Pure Yoga”. The studio has looked after the health & wellness needs of people in the local communities of St George, Georges River & Canterbury Bankstown.

Throughout the 20+ years, I have helped thousands of people improve their life and general wellbeing. And have seen the amazing improvement people can experience when they concentrate & master the “4 PILLARS of LIFE” (Mindfulness, Movement, Nourishment & Environment).

To break it down further, I believe optimal health can be achieved through a consistent practice of:-

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Pilates & Core Strength
  • Daily Movement
  • The right nourishment
  • Self care – Retreats, education & Essential Oils.

Pure Yoga Moving Forward

In 2021 I decided to no longer operate from a “fixed” studio location and instead concentrate on providing …

  • Online Yoga & Meditation classes via our Online Yoga Community
  • Online Pilates classes via our Online Pilates Community
  • “Pop Up” Yoga classes in the St George, Georges River, Canterbury-Bankstown & Sutherland Shire LGA’s
  • “Pop Up” Pilates classes in the St George, Georges River, Canterbury-Bankstown & Sutherland Shire LGA’s
  • Workshops & retreats at various locations throughout NSW

Our Goal

The primary purpose of Pure Yoga is to bring to the local communities of St George, Georges River, Canterbury-Bankstown & Sutherland Shire a variety of classes, workshops, products and services that improve people’s general wellbeing. We have always had the philosophy that our Pure Yoga is for everyone and pride ourselves on:

  • A strong sense of community where our participants have a feeling of belongingness & purpose.
  • Classes that allow you to deepen your knowledge and true understanding of what your practice can bring to you both physically and mentally
  • Variety of classes, styles & locations that allow participants to experience a holistic approach to their wellbeing and overall health

Community Support

At Pure Yoga we believe that each and every one of us can make a difference to the world we live in and with that philosophy in mind we regularly support a variety of charities. Some of the causes we have supported over the years include:-

We regularly donate to local schools for their annual fundraisers, where we give a gift certificate for a month of yoga classes accompanied with a yoga mat to get them started.

Pure Yoga Business Awards

In 2011 Pure Yoga was awarded Business of the Year by Hurstville Council. This is a local business award that is judged by the council and reviews applicants for best business practice as well as its role and involvement in the community .

In 2011 and 2012 Pure Yoga was also a Finalist in the Leader Awards for Best Business in the Health and Fitness Category.


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