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Our Yoga Community

Yoga Community Pose

At Pure Yoga we make everyone feel at home & part of a Yoga Community that endeavours to improve the overall health & wellbeing of its members. In terms of our Yoga, you could say it reflects a Flowing Vinyasa style that links each movement (Asana) with the breath.

Whilst we take our yoga seriously we also like to have fun. So we mix up our classes and incorporate different styles guaranteeing there will never be a time in your practice where you feel like you have done that same class just the week before.

At the conclusion of your practice, you will feel like you have had a complete “workout” – your muscles will feel like they have worked but this will be quickly overridden by a sense of muscular relief as they are stretched and lengthen back out to finally finish in a deep state of relaxation to soothe that busy mind.

Studio Yoga

With our physical studio of over 20 years at 34 Pindari Road, Peakhurst Heights, NSW closing in August 2021, I’ve decided to put more energy & resources into our “Online Community”, as well as the self care & retreat side of the business. But … I do offer the following “face-to-face” Yoga classes at Peakhurst South Public School that might help you continue on your Yoga journey …

  • A 10 week Yoga Program each Thursday @ 9.30am that runs during the school term.
  • Monthly “Pop-Up” Yoga class that alternates between a Thursday @ 6pm and Saturday @ 9am.

Check out our timetable to see when the next “Pop-Up” class will be!!

Online Yoga Community

Our Virtual Yoga Studio was established in March 2020 and, depending on your level of membership can include:-

  • Three (3) new “Live” Yoga Classes each week
  • One (1) new “Live” Meditation Class each week
  • One (1) new “In Depth” Yoga Lab Class each week
  • One (1) Live Yoga “Masterclass” each week
  • One (1) Monthly “Face to Face” Yoga Class
  • Unlimited access to all previously recorded Yoga & Meditation Classes (currently over 300 & 80 respectively)
  • Being part of a Yoga Community where you can discuss issues, ask questions & bond with like-minded people, and get access to valuable resources (tips, checklists, sequences, etc)
  • Me … Guiding you through new &/or old challenges.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our Online Yoga Community page or join our Pure Yoga & Pilates Community

To get a feel of how we can help you on your Yoga journey, please check out the following FREE resources …

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Otherwise, please do not hesitate to give me a call (0410 472 983) or shoot me an email ( … I’d love to be of service to you!!