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Online Yoga Community

Pure Yoga Online Yoga Community

Why Join Our Online Yoga Community?

The flexibility to practice yoga when you want, where you want, and in what you want ….. makes a lot of sense and that is why in March 2020 we commenced the Pure Yoga Online Yoga Community.

Having unlimited access to choosing a class that YOU want to do not what the teacher wants to teach you is also very attractive. We advocate the importance of listening to your body and attending to its needs, this is possible when you get to choose a class from a 400-plus library. Or if you love the fact that you can do it live with me and it fits with your schedule you can jump on the mat at the same time as me.

In a nutshell … it’s the most flexible, economical, and practical way to practice safely in the uncertain “world” we currently live in. 

pure yoga in nature


Meditation at Wolgan Valley




What’s Included In Our Online Yoga Community?

By joining our Online Yoga Community, depending on your level of membership, you can get access to:-

  • Three (3) new “Live” Yoga Classes each week
  • One (1) new “Live” Meditation Class each week
  • One (1) new “In Depth” Yoga Lab Class each week
  • One (1) Live Yoga “Masterclass” each week
  • One (1) Monthly “Face to Face” Yoga Class
  • A library of all previously recorded Yoga classes (over 400) and Meditation classes (over 80) … “On Demand”
  • Valuable resources – tips, checklists, sequences, yoga labs ,etc
  • A Community where you can share your experiences from your time on the mat, ask questions & communicate with like-minded people
  • Me … Guiding you through your new (& old) challenges.

The Benefits Of Practicing Yoga Online

Being online gives you so much more bang for your buck!! Not only can you practice Yoga on a daily (or weekly) basis (just like you would if you were in a studio), but you also have the flexibility to:-

  • Access over 400 Yoga classes & 80 Mediation classes tagged so they can be found easily
  • Save your favourites for quick & easy access
  • Practice Yoga whenever you want – not when the timetable says so!!  
  • Choose the style & length of practice that suits you personally on any given day
  • Start & stop the class however you wish
  • Practice anywhere (we have students keeping up their practice when they are on holiday!!)
  • Roll out of bed in your PJs and practice in the comfort of your own space!!

How To Access Our Online Yoga Community?

We are currently using Facebook as the platform for our Online Yoga Community … Members become part of our closed & private Yoga Group in order to see all of the videos, information & posts. Unlike other mediums the picture is clear and sharp, you don’t see others participating and it is uploaded instantly after a class is taught

Whilst there is no formal timetable, each Sunday I will post or pop on live to announce the “live” class times, length & style. You can be guaranteed there will always be a mix of different class styles, times, and duration to cater to everyone’s yoga preferences. Though on most weeks you’ll see me teaching 3-4 live classes a week. 

All previously-recorded classes are tagged (eg Flow Yoga, Energiser, Meditation, etc) making it easy to find the video without having to scroll through post after post. Once you have paid your membership fees, you will be sent a link to the private Facebook Group, and once accepted, you will have access to everything in the group!! Access will only stop when you stop paying your fortnightly membership fee. Cancellation is simple & can be done at any time.

The Weekly Program is suitable for everyone irrespective if you are a Yoga Beginner or seasoned practitioner.

What Does Our Online Yoga Community Cost?

Our Online Yoga Community is $37.00 per fortnight (which works out to be less than a cup of coffee @ $2.50 per day) and is auto-debited from your credit or debit card via the Momence Platform and Stripe Payments.

To join, please click on the link below, enter all the necessary details and you will be part of the Pure Yoga Online Community

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s what some of our happy members have said about our Online Yoga Community …

“Yoga is the only thing that I have been able to do that has kept movement in my arms and shoulders after surgery. However….. it has become so so much more over the past few COVID weeks. I really would be lost without yoga and meditation and have always struggled with calming my mind and sleeping well. I feel I have truly found myself again and have never felt so grounded in my life. I can’t thank you enough”. – Linda, Kirrawee –
I am new to your yoga community but I agree that Leesa is an amazing teacher and brings individuality to every practice. We find something new in each lesson and it is never repeated in the same way. I love that! It is something to look forward to each time you set up your mat. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of your community”. – Kamie, Bowral –
“So grateful to have this wonderful vault of classes to access for specific needs!! That was so perfect for my sore back, thank you Leesa” – Alison, Peakhurst Heights –
“To kick start the week, I thought I would give short and sweet yoga a try. It was great, had to modify some moves, but loved it. Thank you Leesa,  for giving us so many opportunities to continue our practice” – Donna, Revesby –
“Just got back from our walk and I commented my hips were so tight. Definitely will be saving this one” – Penny, Milperra – 

If however you still have some questions, or concerns, or just would like to see what you are paying for, please do not hesitate to call (0410 472 983) or email me ( Otherwise, if you would like to fill in & submit the form below, I will send you some of the class samples you will experience in our Online Yoga Community.

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