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Why Learn To Meditate

learn to meditate by the lake

With the demands society puts on us, we all need to learn how to stop and get off that “Merry–Go–Round” of life and take back control!! When we learn to meditate, it presents us with the opportunity to just be present and not get caught up in the past (which we can never change) or the future (which we can’t predict).

You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk, or even spiritual to learn to meditate. You just need to be willing to give it a go, listen to your mind & body, and be consistent.

So Why Create A Small Daily Meditation Practice

Did you know that in one day the brain processes up to 65,000 thoughts!! When I read this I was utterly shocked … No wonder there is such a need for people to learn to meditate!!

With so many benefits, scientifically proven, to meditate, I’ve come up with my top 5 reasons to learn to meditate …

  • It will consciously help you to stop, slow down & be mindful all of which you can carry with you into everyday living.
  • Meditation gives you quiet time to savour life, change habits, live simply, and be in the PRESENT moment, not in the PAST or the FUTURE.
  • Evidence through studies shows Meditation can help improve our mental states such as our focus, happiness, memory, and self-control as well as having health benefits of improved metabolism, heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.
  • Time in meditation helps us to PAUSE and Reframe our perspective so we can experience clarity, calm, relaxation, focus, and compassion.
  • Meditation has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, stress, negative emotions, insulin resistance, depression, anxiety, risk of heart disease including heart attacks, and risk of stroke.

How To Nail Your Meditations!!

I learned these “Ah-Ha” moments after many years of Meditating …

  • Don’t over-commit – Start small, be realistic, as a first timer 5 – 10 minutes is perfect. If you go for longer, that’s a bonus!! … You know the saying sometimes Less can be More!!
  • Don’t go in with expectations – When we build ourselves up and create a platform to compare ourselves we invite the Ego in!! Sit with NO agenda, be open-minded, and let whatever arises arise.
  • Don’t criticise – The fact that you have found your way to practice and take some time out is a “win”. I know that any time spent in meditation is time well spent. So don’t judge the “performance” it is, what it is and the news is that this not be the same as you experience tomorrow, next week, or even next year in your practice.
“To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body & mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life. – Nhay Hanh –

How Can I Help You Learn To Meditate

#1 By joining our Online Yoga Community … Included every week are live meditations classes. We now have more than 80 meditation practices in our library that members can access. The beauty of being a member of our Online Yoga Community is that you also get Yoga classes!! (three (3) live and more than 400 recorded). And best of all, you can practice in your own time, in your private sanctuary & choose whatever meditation (or yoga) practice you feel the need to experience!! Click HERE to find out more.

#2 One of our “Meditation Packages” … We have put together two (2) Meditation packs:-

  • Meditation For Beginners – Five short meditations that are perfect for the person who wants to learn to meditate.
  • Best Of Our Guided Meditations – 10 of the Online Community’s favourite meditations bundled together so you can easily listen, visualise, unwind & relax. 

#2 Try out some of our FREE Meditations … Simply click on the links below to read more & experience a couple of my earlier Meditation classes …

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Alternatively, if you would like me to help you personally on your “Meditation journey”, please give me a call (0410 472 983) or shoot me an email ( … I’d love to be of service to you!!