Why Meditation

With the demands that society and life in general puts on us we need to stop and learn when to get off the Merry – Go – Round and take back control. Meditation allows us the opportunity to just be present and not get caught up in the past (which we can not change) or the future ( which we cant predict). Meditation allows the mind to be more still and settled allowing us to be truly happy .

Regular yoga practioners we don’t really need to be reminded of the benefits of Mediation, however in field of medicine and science more conclusive evidence often needs to exist. It is for this reason there are constant research trials being carried out around the world to assess the values and merits of meditation. There is now evidence through clinical studies that meditation will help reduce:

Meditation does not have to be for hours on end, it can be as little as 10 minutes a day to help improve your:

With such obvious results there is no wonder why medical practioners are encouraging their patients to partake in regular meditation practices.

So in the words of a well know practioner ….
“why are you not Meditating “ ????