Why Meditation

With the demands that society and life in general puts on us we need to stop and learn when to get off the “Merry–Go–Round” and take back control!! Meditation allows us the opportunity to just be present and not get caught up in the past (which we can never change) or the future (which we can’t predict).

So Why Create A Small Daily Meditation Practice

  • It will consciously help you to stop, slow down & be mindful all of which you can carry with you into everyday living.
  • Meditation gives you quiet time to savour life, change habits, live simply and be in the PRESENT moment, not in the PAST or the FUTURE.
  • Evidence through studies shows Meditation can help improve our mental state such as our focus, happiness, memory and self control as well as having health benefits of improved metabolism, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.
  • Time in meditation helps us to PAUSE and Reframe our perspective so we can experience clarity, calm, relaxation , focus and compassion.
  • Meditation has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, stress, negative emotions, insulin resistance, depression, anxiety, risk of heart disease including heart attacks and risk of stroke.

How To Nail Your Meditations!!

I learnt these “Ah Ha” moments after many years of Meditating …

  • Don’t over commit – Start small, be realistic, as a first timer 5 – 10 minutes is perfect. If you go for longer bonus!! … You know the saying sometimes Less can be More!!
  • Don’t go in with expectations – When we build ourselves up and create a platform to compare ourselves we invite the Ego in!! Sit with NO agenda, be open minded and let whatever arises arise.
  • Don’t criticise – The fact that you have found your way to practice and take some time out is a “win”. I know that any time spent in meditation is time well spent. So don’t judge the “performance” it is, what it is and the news is that this not be the same as you experience tomorrow, next week or even next year in your practice.

Regular yoga practioners we don’t really need to be reminded of the benefits of Mediation, however in field of medicine and science more conclusive evidence often needs to exist. It is for this reason there are constant research trials being carried out around the world to assess the values and merits of meditation. There is now evidence through clinical studies that meditation will help reduce:

  • blood pressure
  • stress
  • negative emotions
  • insulin resistance
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • risk of heart disease including heart attacks
  • risk of stroke

Meditation does not have to be for hours on end, it can be as little as 10 minutes a day to help improve your:

  • learning
  • memory
  • focus
  • concentration
  • productivity
  • self realization

With such obvious results there is no wonder why medical practioners are encouraging their patients to partake in regular meditation practices.

So in the words of a well know practioner ….
“why are you not Meditating “ ????

“To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body & mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life. – Nhay Hanh –