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Benefits Of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Truth be known there are just so many benefits of Yoga that I could go on for page after page (& hour after hour) but to keep it all real and in context, let me give you my Top 3 Benefits Of Yoga!!

Many people find their way into Yoga for a variety of reasons, often initially as a purely physical experience, but over time discover that other benefits begin to manifest. On a physical level, Yoga brings an awareness that allows those that practice it regularly to experience more control over their body and the way it’s aligned. And on a spiritual level a feeling of greater calmness, serenity & gratitude.

So let’s dive into it … Here are my Top 3 Benefits of Yoga and why everyone should practice it.

1. Yoga Improves Flexibility And Mobility

Why is increasing flexibility even important? … Having flexibility means that your joints are capable of moving through their full range of motion without any pain or restriction. Maintaining a full range of motion will ensure your muscles, ligaments & tendons remain strong & supple meaning no limitation to your mobility.

Unfortunately, as we age, we lose our flexibility naturally (it is estimated that by the time we become adults, our tissues have already lost 15%!!) Add to this the way most people live these days – a sedentary lifestyle & it’s no wonder our muscle fibres are simply drying up & become knots!!

Fortunately practicing Yoga will stretch, loosen & strengthen your muscle fibres which in turn will increase the elasticity of all connective tissues & cells that bind the muscle fibres together … Meaning improved flexibility & mobility!!

2. Practicing Yoga Will Calm A Busy Mind

To me, Yoga fits into two (2) main principles …

#1 – It’s best described as a combination of mindfulness, stretching, movement, controlled breathing & self-awareness, and

#2 – The primary goal is to create a strong feeling of connection, awareness, and harmony between mind and body.

One of yoga’s most highly sought-after benefits is its ability to promote mindfulness, clarity, and tranquility with a Harvard Study showing that diaphragmatic and deep breathing, similar to what is practiced in yoga, may be very effective in controlling the flight or fight response.

Our mind is bombarded each day with an endless supply of thoughts (it is estimated to be around 70,000 – that’s an awful LOT of thoughts!!) … No wonder we are all stressed, tired & drained!! Thinking about the conversations we have had (or are yet to have), doubts, fears, deadlines, and to-do lists … I’m just exhausted writing these down!! Add to that our newfound addiction to social media, and you have one very busy head to contend with.

Practicing Yoga helps the mind & body get back into sync more quickly … Whether it’s from its:-

  • Ability to slow down the breath,
  • Soothing sounds of music or aromas,
  • Focus is given to moving the body purposely, or
  • Energy in practicing an ancient art …

Yoga will help calm that busy mind!!

3. Yoga Increases Strength And Balance

Another key component of maintaining optimal health is maintaining muscle strength as you age!! (it is estimated that by the time we are 70, we have only 50% of our muscle mass left).

Stronger muscles make everyday tasks seem so much easier … The body is better aligned & balanced and the flow-on effect creates greater confidence (especially as we age).

When a Yoga pose is held for a long enough period of time, it helps build strength. Although it still requires the joints to hold the weight of the body, it greatly reduces the risks of injury that can increase when having to physically force a “weight”.

And with many of the Yoga poses requiring good balance, it is clear that practicing yoga will increase both strength and balance.

Want To Explore More?

Every person who comes to Yoga arrives via their own unique path, a singular set of circumstances and choices that have inspired a desire and search for unity and something more!! Yoga doesn’t give you anything that did not already exist inside of you. However, it does provide you with a guide to unlock the boundless potential within you and allow you to live a more fulfilling and joyous life!!

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Otherwise, if you would like to explore how I could help you personally on your “Yoga journey”, please feel free to give me a call (0410 472 983) or shoot me an email ( … I’d love to be of service to you!!