Twenty Five (25) 5 Minute Self-Care Micro Goals

Often we neglect self-care because we believe it is going to take far too much time out of our already “busy” day!! However, the reality is self-care doesn’t have to take hours, it can be easily achieved in very small pockets of time.

Below are twenty five (25) self-care ideas that you can achieve in ONLY five (5) minutes … How many would you try?

  1. Boost your mood with some feel-good music;
  2. Listen to a motivational or inspiring podcast;
  3. Meditate;
  4. Get outside for a few deep breaths of fresh air + a Vitamin D boost;
  5. Laugh (or at least smile) for absolutely no reason at all;
  6. Express gratitude for something uniquely special in your life;
  7. Say “NO”;
  8. Do some yoga stretching (or fascia releasing);
  9. Brew (& drink) a green or herbal tea;
  10. Call a friend to say hi & see how they are going;
  11. Watch & listen to the ocean waves rolling in;
  12. Walk (or run) around the block;
  13. Go out into the rain & feel the water splash on your face;
  14. Say a positive mantra;
  15. Rest (or stay still) in silence & simply breath;
  16. Turn off the phone, all the noise & just be;
  17. Read your favourite book or magazine;
  18. Dance (& sing) to your favourite tune;
  19. Prepare (& drink) a green juice;
  20. Diffuse some Essential Oils;
  21. Snuggle with your loved one;
  22. Get (or give yourself) a mini massage;
  23. Stop & smell the flowers and while you are at it just listen & notice everything around you;
  24. Exercise (eg push ups, squats, lunges, etc);
  25. Listen to your child read (or tell you a story).

Do you have any that you believe should be added to the list?

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