Yoga FAQ

What type of yoga do you teach?

A flow Vinyasana style is taught where each movement (asana) is attached to a breathe creating a peaceful but energetic flow to the class. There is a balance of strength and stretch poses to complement the body.

How long do the classes go for?

75 minutes

How do you pay for classes?

Cash or cheque . One month of classes are paid for at a time. Each class is calculated at  $16.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no joining or membership fee. You pay for one month of classes at the beginning of the month.

Can I join at any time?

Yes. You would then only pay for those classes remaining in that month.

Do I have to make a booking?

Yes, initially you do as we will not over fill classes. It is important for us that there is enough space for you to practice freely and comfortably.

Can beginners join?

Absolutely. Every age, sex, and size are welcome in our studio.  Our teaching style is clear and precise and we constantly demonstrate throughout class. You will never feel lost or out of place in our studio. We are here to ensure you get the best from your practice

Do I attend the same class every week?

Yes, we encourage you attend the same class each week. This helps us keep to our maximum class size and you can be assured that we don’t overfill classes. We do understand that this is not always possible so when you do need to attend another time or day we ask you to email, text or call us so that we can reschedule you into another class . This way you don’t miss out on your regular yoga practice.  As we all know consistency is paramount for results.

How many times a week should I attend?

Ideally, twice a week . Regular consistent practice gives best results and allows you to reap the benefits of yoga.

Do I have to bring a mat?

No, all props used in class are awaiting you in the studio. This includes mats, straps, blocks , bolsters and lavender eye bags to make your practice as enjoyable as possible. The studio is also pre laid out so you don’t even have to set up your own mat!

How many people in a class?

There is a maximum of 16 in each class

What happens if I miss a class?

We ask that you advise us that you are not able to attend your regular class and then suggest you let us know what “other” class you may like to do as a “makeup” class. This does not necessarily have to be in the same week but should be within that month.

What’ s the general format of the class?

Each class begins with 10 minutes of pranayama (breathing) this helps set the tome of the class and helps us become settled perhaps after having to rush to class ! Approximately 15 minutes is dedicated to passive stretches that warm the joints and lengthen the muscles before a 40 minute viyasana(sequence of flowing poses). Class is finished with a 10 minutes relaxation allowing you to absorb all of your efforts and take a final chance to allow the mind to rest.

Can I do it when I’m pregnant?

Yoga is ideal during pregnancy and many women take up yoga during pregnancy and continue with it post baby. Our experienced teachers can and will advise you which poses are best to avoid.  We have had mums attend days before they have delivered so it is possible to practice right up to the last weeks.