How Yoga has changed my life

Many people have asked me how I came to practicing yoga considering they know just how much of a “busy beaver” I am. Most friends and family will typically tell you that I can’t sit still. My answer is “I didn’t go and find it, it found me !” It was at a time when I felt like I couldn’t get off the Merry –go-round and life was very overwhelming. When people enquire about taking up a yoga practice and they are not sure whether it is for them ! I am quick to reply that coming to yoga for somebody else’s reason like your doctor told you it was important to help you de stress or that your girlfriend has taken it up and swears by it, will probably mean that you won’t last long practicing it. You know it’s time to practice yoga when it comes from your heart and you own the desire to practice. It is when you can’t wait to come to your next class or that you feel your body craving the need to be stretched and moved and your mind to be settled and relaxed that you know you are “hooked”.

Yoga has taught me a lot about myself and everything else that exists to make this world the place we reside. Here are 10 of the main learnings I have found by practicing yoga:

  1. Everyday is different , so I shouldn’t expect my yoga practice to be the same every time I step onto the mat
  2. The poses I find most challenging are the poses I should be doing more often
  3. Coming to class is a motivating experience and to be around like minded people helps my yoga
  4.  Yoga is the only practice I can do anywhere, anytime at any age and costs me nothing but my own time!
  5. There is nothing wrong with my practice when I need to use props like the blocks. Infact,  it makes me honest in my poses
  6. I notice when I haven’t practiced for a while just how stiff and tight I become
  7. Svassana is my favorite pose, but it did take me a long time to enjoy it
  8. Yoga slows me down in a nice way, I am more patient, understanding and relaxed when I practice regularly
  9. Taking as little as 10 minutes a day to meditate helps me find my way for the day
  10. Yoga gives me back energy it does not deplete me

There are endless self learnings from yoga and when we stop and take a moment to reflect on them you can see how they help shape your thinking, behaviors and actions. Yoga is a practice that once you have experienced it, it will stay in your life forever.

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